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2017 Down Town Craft Fair Dates

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May 26, 2017
Downtown Sparta looking for crafters to set up in open spaces
Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce invites the public to join in downtown craft fair fun
Sparta, WI – The Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Association will be hosting craft fairs on the last weekend of the month starting in June through October 14th. Vendors can set up in any open spaces in the downtown and in front of empty store fronts along Water, Court, and Oak Street. Booths can be set up from 3-8pm Friday and 8-4 on Saturday. We ask no rummage items be presented.
The goal is to get more foot traffic to the downtown, and let people see the unique atmosphere and treasures offered.
Dates for craft fair in 2017:
June 30-July 1
July 28-29
August 25-26
September 29-30
October 13-14 (to align with Fall Fest)
There is no fee required to participate, but request that vendors call ahead to reserve the correct amount of space by calling the Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce at (608) 269-4123 or email media@bikesparta.com
About Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce
The Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to fostering community prosperity and improving the quality of life through cooperation, promotion, education & active leadership, as well as, enhancing economic benefits and provides networking opportunities for members.
Our Mission: “Welcoming Businesses, Unifying the Community, Creating Possibilities”
For more information on the Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce’s services, activities, and programs, please visit: http://www.bikesparta.com/ or call (608) 269-4123.
Holly Carlson, Media & Events Coordiantor

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