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Recreation Assistant at Pine View Campground flexible/intermittent

Ft. McCoy Family & MWR
Job Description
This is a mixed job, designed specifically for smaller NAF activities that required flexibility in employee work assignments. May be assigned to another activities based on mission requirements. These are Flexible positions and are not entitled to benefits.
Located at Pine View Campground
Assists patrons in the use of the facility and issues recreational equipment. Provides safety instructions and demonstrates use of equipment as needed. Ensures recreational equipment is properly accounted for by preparing sign out sheets, monitors return time, and checks condition after return.
Meets and greets customers and answers telephone to provide information concerning the facilities, equipment, and programs. Inputs reservations for campsites, lodging units, and equipment. Operates point-of-sale system to sell resale items.
Supports and participates in recreational programs, special events, social activities, tournaments, and related functions.

Contact Information