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Lifeguard flexible/intermittent

Ft. McCoy Family & MWR
Job Description
This is a mixed job, designed specifically for smaller NAF activities that required flexibility in employee work assignments. May be assigned to another activities based on mission requirements. These are Flexible positions and are not entitled to benefits.
The Rumpel Fitness Center features a large array of fitness options ready to help you develop and achieve your fitness goals. The facilities include a gymnasium, weight rooms, cardio theater, indoor pool plus many other fitness amenities. Personal trainers are available and classes are held weekly.

As a Lifeguard for the Rumpel Fitness Center Pool and Pine View Campground Beach, employee is responsible for the safety and well being of all patrons. Will supervise and protect all patrons from injuries to themselves and others by enforcing the rules and standard operating guidelines. Employee will assist with operation of Fitness Center, Beach and other subordinate facilities. Will teach and assist with Red Cross Learn to Swim Programs. Assists in keeping assigned area clean and free from any hazards. Circulates among patrons to assure service is satisfactory, receives and resolves customer complaints. Provides use of the facility by checking out equipment, providing safety instruction, demonstrating new equipment, teaching classes, etc. Plans, conducts, publicize and arrange support for special events, social activities, tournaments and related functions. May provide guidance to other staff. Maintains daily logs and records as required. Performs other duties as assigned.

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