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Cashier Regular Part Time at McCoy's Community Center

Ft. McCoy Family & MWR
Job Description
This position is located at McCoy's Community Center at Fort McCoy. McCoy's Community Center offers great dining and recreational opportunities for our Soldiers and their families as well as retirees and the civilian workforce.
Independently performs the full range of cash management duties to include clerical work in the receipt, disbursement, examination, deposit and safeguarding of cash and checks. Ensures all monies are accounted for, reconciling any discrepancies, preparing bank deposits and balancing retained cash funds. Reconciles funds in the safe daily. Prepares and makes deposits of funds daily. Issues cashiers drawers daily. Reconciles cashiers end of shift drawers. As needed performs cashier duties within the activity. Prepares Daily Activity Reports. Takes payments for services and goods for the activity. Manages Petty Cash and Bingo Funds and vouchers. Maintain records associated to operations e.g. Daily Activity Reports, Financial Xcel Spread Sheets and reports etc. Other duties include assisting in event reservations, assist in inventories within their respected area; submit service and work orders for the facility. Maintains activity events calendar.
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