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Substitute Early Childhood Teacher

Morrow Home Community
Job Description
Morrow Home Community’s YOUNG AT HEART CHILD CARE CENTER is seeking applicants for substitute early childhood teachers who are energetic, flexible and love working with children. The substitute teacher position is a casual call position that will work when staff teachers are absent.  We are especially looking for substitutes for summer hours while staff teachers are taking vacation time.  The teacher in this position does not work weekends, and the center is also closed all major holidays.
This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who enjoys working with children.  Don’t miss this opportunity to work with great children, great families and a great team of teachers!

This teacher will be responsible for relieving staff while they are out of the center.

Successful applicants must be 18 years old and have graduated high school or its equivalent.   

Applications are available at https://www.morrowhome.org/employment-application/

Contact Information